29 January 2014

A Fake Meta-Super Bowl Campaign That Makes Fun Of Big Game Ads

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The beer company Newcastle Brown Ale has come up with a fake meta-campaign that makes fun of Super Bowl ads.

A collaboration with Droga5, the “If We Made It” campaign is a behind-the-scenes peek of the Big Game ad the company could have made—if its executives had the time, money and talent to do so.

“We think the formula for creating the most epic Big Game commercial of all time is pretty simple, but when it comes down to it, we’d rather have people drink our beer while watching other companies’ ads. And to be honest, we don’t really have the money or permission to advertise on the game either,” stated Charles van Es, the senior director of the brand.

Accompanied with an “epic” trailer, this fake was supposed to star singer and actress Anna Kendrick and football athlete Keyshawn Johnson, who were supposed to play a hot party girl and the voice of a CGI skateboarding cat respectively. There is also additional videos of them expressing the disappointment of not being able to star in the ad.

Conceived to make us laugh, this non-existent campaign also let us take a step back and reflect on the clichéd strategies many Big Game ads use just to get people to buy their product.

Watch these fake behind-the-scenes videos below.

[via PSFK]