28 January 2014

Ethereal Multiple Exposure Photos Caught On The Streets Of Japan

While looking for passengers to pick up, Japanese taxi driver-cum-photographer Issui Enomoto captures ethereal multiple exposure photos of the streets of Yokohama, Japan.

Keeping his camera by his side, he shoots from his taxi and layers the images to create ghostly figures and other-worldly scenes.

Called ‘Taxi in the Sea’, Enomoto sees his vehicle as a small vessel traveling through a sea of endless possibilities. Describing his artistic process on My Modern Met, he said “From the moment I get into a taxi as a photographer, every component that can become a subject wraps me up. Like great pressure acts on an object in the deep sea by a physical law, the seawater components put fierce pressure on my five senses.”

Check out his images below, or click here to view the rest.

[via My Modern Met and Issui Enomoto]