29 January 2014

Infographic: 50 Things A Traveler Should Know

Anyone who has ever traveled will know the wonders of a journey abroad. Whether it’s a quick getaway or an epic backpacking trip, traveling enables you to discover new cultures, make new friends, and get out of your comfort zone–a truly eye-opening experience for the mind, body, and soul.

As amazing as travel is, there will no doubt be times when you find yourself caught unaware of the customs and norms in a foreign land. Luckily, UK travel site Travelbag has come up with an infographic-cum-quiz of 50 fascinating facts to make you more culturally aware and be a better traveler.

For example, in South America people like to engage in conversation in close quarters whereas North Americans might regard it as an invasion of privacy. Other useful things include knowing how to say “thank you” in 15 different languages, that you shouldn’t mix vodka in Russia, and how to cross a road in Vietnam.

Click the image below to view the full infographic and test your knowledge of the world.

Click to view enlarged version

[via Daily Infographic and Travelbag, image by Travelbag]