28 January 2014

‘Wearable Book’ Lets You Experience Your Favorite Book Character's Emotions

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Ever wanted to experience the emotions of your favorite book character? Now you can thanks a “wearable, augmented book” by researchers from the MIT’s media lab.

Called ‘Sensory Fiction’, it’s a book that readers literally wear. Equipped with sensors and actuators, it produces “physical sensations to mimic the characters’ emotions” as the plot unfolds.

For example, if the protagonist is feeling upset or depress, the book cover lights up, creating ambient lighting to reflect the mood. Feeling afraid? The wearable vest will tighten around the reader’s chest. For excitement, vibration patterns that “influence” the heart rate will make it beat quicker.

With technology at its current state, will we see more ‘wearable books’ in the future? Is this the future of book reading?

Watch the video below to find out more:

[via Motherboard]