30 January 2014

Artist Creates Gory Scenes Around Violent Subway Advertisements

Artist Jon Burgerman found himself becoming more paranoid and vigilant with each reoccurring shooting in the U.S.A—this led him to embark on a project that highlights the very visible violence that is present in subway advertising.

The idea behind the photo series is a simple one—Burgerman stages dramatically gory scenes in front of selected subway movie ads with particularly graphic imagery, in order to complete the picture and show what would logically happen down the plotline.

Using fake blood, he creates the illusion that he has become a victim of the fictional violence emanating from the ads, making these stories come to life in an unexpected manner.

The artist intends to continue with his “Head Shots” project—you can keep up with this intriguing photo series on his website.

[via Coolhunting]