28 January 2014

‘Downworthy’: A Browser Plug-In That Exposes Outrageous Clickbait Headlines

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Tired of seeing yet another outrageous Upworthy or Viral Nova headline that grossly exaggerates the story it is about? Now there’s a plug-in that filters these annoyingly misleading stories from your browser.

The Downworthy plug-in for Chrome exposes the real meanings of viral headlines, replacing bombastic words and phrases like “literally” and “will blow your mind” with more realistic examples like “figuratively” and “might perhaps mildly entertain you for a moment”. The site also contains a growing list of hilariously translated headlines and their meanings.

It was created by Alison Gianotto, who was inspired by a funny Twitter exchange a few weeks ago, and considers it “doing my part to stop the insanity.”

She is currently working on a version for Firefox and Safari, as well as multiple modes like “cynical millennial” and “OMFGHOLYSH*T” which should doubtlessly offer even more opportunities for hyperbolic absurdity.

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[via PSFK, The Verge and Boing Boing, images via Downworthy]