29 January 2014

A Funny Illustrated Guide To Dining At A Hipster Restaurant

Artist Nathan Pyle, whose survival guides for navigating New York were previously featured here and here, has more amusing etiquette tips for living in the city.

In this article by BuzzFeed, he turns his attention to hipster restaurants, offering advice on how to identify if you’re dining at one, as well as tips on deciphering complicated menus with inscrutable ingredients. Replete with wry humor and witty observations, this would definitely come in handy should you find yourself in a hipster restaurant.

The humorous illustrations were examples that didn’t make it into his book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, which you can pre-order on Amazon now.

Check out the rest of Pyle’s hipster dining tips below and head over to his Facebook page for more.

[via BuzzFeed, images by Nathan Pyle]