29 January 2014

Google Glass Introduces Four New, More Fashionable Frame Styles

One of the biggest complaints about the much talked-about Google Glass is about how unfashionable its frame looks—few outside of the tech geek community would want to wear them.

In response to this feedback, Google has just released prescription options and four new frame styles, which Techcrunch believes “should fit the fashion tastes of a number of different shoppers”.

Each of these redesigned frames, that works for shaded lenses as well, would cost US$225—existing Google Glass users can simply purchase these frames and attach their devices to them.

Google is also offering custom fittings with selected optometrists in San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles—currently, there are only 200 doctors who are qualified to conduct the fitting, but Google plans to bring that number up to 6,000 by the end of 2014.

It seems that Google Glass is making a real effort to venture into the mainstream tech market—however, there are some, like Mark Wilson of Fast Co. Design, who think that while Google Glass is getting more fashionable, it is “not fashionable enough”.

What do you think of these new Google Glass frames—would you wear them?

[via Techcrunch, Fast Co. Design]