29 January 2014

Hotel Chain Hauls A Bed Up A Mountain To Prove That It Is Comfortable

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The Ibis Hotel chain has unveiled an insane advertising campaign to promote its new “Sweet Bed”.

Hailed as the bed that provides “ultimate comfort”, the adventurer Aaron Chervenak and his team are journeying all the way to Mount Roraima—“The Devil’s Mountain”—in the Amazon, choosing to sleep 2,810-meters above ground. What makes this publicity stunt more challenging is this—Mount Roraima is one of the most hostile and difficult places to reach on Earth.

Dubbed the most extreme “torture test a bed has ever endured”, viewers are also invited to watch Chervenak and his crew overcome all obstacles to prove that the hotel chain offers the most comfortable beds.

What do you think—is this campaign too ridiculous, or does it stir up some wanderlust within you?

Watch the Indiana Jones-inspired trailer below.

The adventure team

Transporting the bed

[via Adeevee and Accor.com]