28 January 2014

Dazzling Kaleidoscopic Light Paintings That Evoke Psychedelic Worlds

Lens Swapping LP

Virginia-based photographer Jeremy Jackson, also known as Tackyshack, creates dazzling kaleidoscopic light paintings in-camera without any Photoshop.

He creates them by waving lights in front of his camera, shooting both in 35mm film and digital, and the effects are stunningly gorgeous. With their brilliant, psychedelic colors and fantastic visuals, viewing his images feels like going entering a surreal, neon world of sparklers and light trails.

Jackson is inspired by Dr. Seuss, MC Escher, comic books, fractals, geometric design and patterns, and explains “The world is your canvas. Anything you can imagine can be painted a million different ways, time and space take on new meaning. Light is the brush and the environment is the canvas.”

Check out his trippy photos below and head over to his site for more.

Is It Spring Yet?

Half Frozen Painted Pond

Light Painted Roots

14 Minute Poolside Lights

Fire & Light Mask 298

Prismatic Man

Swirl the Umbrella

[via Juxtapoz, images via tackyshack]