28 January 2014

In London, A Florist That Only Sells Black Roses

Freelance creative director Miss Cakehead, who is known for her attention-grabbing PR campaigns, have teamed up with The Kraken Rum to set up a special florist that sells only black roses.

Located at Kingley Court, London, the Think Ink florist will only be in business for a day—from 0800 to whenever the flowers sell out on 14 February 2014.

The black roses on sale are created by placing dark red roses in vases filled with ink instead of water—the ink are then transported through the stem into the leaves and petals, dying them black.

Each bouquet comes with a miniature bottle of Kraken Rum, which is not yet available in the market—they also carry one of two messages: “Take me whole” or “Swallow me piece by piece”.

These unusual flowers could be bought with a voluntary donation to the Project Redsand charity—find out more about this cool campaign over here.

[via Miss Cakehead]