28 January 2014

A Customizable Virtual Mannequin That Shows How Clothes Would Fit On You

Developed by researchers from the University of Tartu in Estonia, “Fits.me” is an online customizable virtual mannequin that will show how clothes will fit on you.

These researchers collaborated with the German company Human Solutions to create a database of different body types, with well-known retailers like Adidas and Hugo Boss shipping clothes to the London office—this enabled the team to take thousands of photographs of clothing on different bodies, letting them get a better idea of how clothes looked like on various body types.

Shoppers of these brands can also “try on” clothes online—for example, when they are shopping at Adidas, they can key in their precise measurements and an accurate visual of how the user looks like wearing the item of clothing will appear on-screen.

For those who are unsure of their exact measurements, they can type in their height, weight and body type—a virtual mannequin will show up that allows the user to try on clothes.

There are even options that will show how tight or baggy clothes fit, and this will come in handy for those with more specific preferences.

What do you think—would you use this technology to help you shop online? Try it out on their official website.

[via Daily Mail]