29 January 2014

Amusing Photographs Of A Teenager Impersonating All The US Presidents

Barack Obama

High schooler Chaz Rorick took to dressing and posing like US presidents after watching a documentary—he noticed that his outfit matched that of President Truman’s, and decided to impersonate the leader, posting his first “Presidential Selfie” on Instagram.

Encouraged by his father and his friends, the teenager impersonated a president every day, regardless of how busy he was.

In these photographs, it appears that Rorick has a flair for the dramatic—he manages to convey each president’s personality and emotions, which make for amusing and uncanny “selfies”.

Browse through the rest of his collection below, or follow him on Instagram to keep up with the series.

George Washington

Chester A. Arthur

Benjamin Harrison

Ulysses Grant

Grover Cleveland

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Dwight Eisenhower

Thomas Jefferson

Gerald Ford

Abraham Lincoln

James Garfield

John Quincy Adams

Lindon Johnson

[via Incredible Things and Mashable]