30 August 2013

Fun Facts That You Can Use To Fill Up An Awkward Silence In A Conversation

You know the awkward silence that seems to stretch on forever when you are having a conversation with someone you hardly know or have not seen for a long time?

To help you fill up these moments with something interesting, Ryan Chapman, who works in digital marketing and social media, has started a new project on Tumblr—titled “Fill The Silence”—where he uploads hand-drawn doodles of fun facts.

From pop culture trivia to historical nuggets, these doodles typically consist of the fact encased in a speech bubble that issues from an illustration of Chapman’s head.

If you look closely, you will find that the illustration of Chapman changes to match the specific piece of information it is “saying”—for instance, the drawing sports a beard in the doodle about a beard tax in 16th century Russia.

Even if there is no awkward silence, these fun facts will still make for interesting conversation fodder.

[via Fill The Silence Tumblr]