27 August 2013

A Food Truck Branded With Hand-Painted, Vintage-Inspired Typography

If you are ever in Monterrey, Mexico, look out for the El Camino food truck—it will be easy to spot this black and white vehicle that is covered with hand-painted words.

The eye-catching branding work is done by design firm Savvy Studio, who wanted to bring across an Americana vibe and re-create the look of vintage American signage.

Featuring phrases like “You are in for a treat” and “Smart, friendly food”, the welcoming messages on the truck creates an interesting contrast with the stark color palette and aesthetic that are inspired by biker boys and prison tattoos.

The slogans are hand-painted by a local sign artist—who is known for his work on calligraphy-based wall ads called “rótulos”—giving the final result a pleasing human touch.

This striking, typographic branding is also applied to the menu and packaging—view more images of the campaign below.

[via The Fox Is Black]