29 August 2013

Artist Creates Provocative Tapestries Of Women

Artist Erin M Riley harnesses the craft of weaving tapestries in an unconventional way. Her subjects are young women engaged in various flesh-baring activities.

Riley addresses the issues of women in society—in many of her pieces, women are associated with sex, drugs, violence, and other influences.

One striking aspect of these portraits is the act of the provocative ‘selfie’, or self-portrait. Through these works, the artist highlights issues of women, sexuality and the media.

The traditional act of weaving cleverly juxtaposes the subject matter, bringing up thought-provoking questions of traditional versus modern practices.

Apart from this contrast, the act of weaving seems to refer to how women are bound to the expectations and ideals of society.

What’s your take?

Visit Riley’s website for the full set of images.

[via It’s Nice That, images via Erin M Riley]