30 August 2013

Colorado Unveils New Logo

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After a year of Making Colorado—a collaborative project that aimed to create a brand for Colorado—its state officials have finally unveiled the brand logo.

With inspiration drawn from the state’s license plates and its natural surroundings, the new logo features a green rounded-edged triangle with a white snow-capped peak and the letters “CO” in white, and “Colorado” spelled out in capital letters beneath the triangle.

The brand is also accompanied by the slogan, “It’s our nature”, and represents the state’s famous mountains and “continued ascension”.

According to a video by Brand Colorado, the rising peak “symbolizes our bigger-than-life beauty and our upward momentum as a people and a place.”

What do you think of Colorado’s new logo? Does it accurately depict the state you know it to be?

Watch the video below to find out more.

[via The Denver Post and Brand Colorado]