28 August 2013

A Minimalistic Utensil Set Designed To Make Eating Easier

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Fresh Eggs

As Danish designer James Stoklund wanted to change the way we eat our food, he designed an aesthetically pleasing set of utensils to go with it.

The set includes a silicone egg cup which stretches to store eggs of various sizes, a rubbery plate which allows the user to scoop up all the available food on it, and a tea cup that forms a spout when drinks are being poured out of it.

There is also the cheekily named cup called “Shake That Booty”, which rests at an angle, a fork which adds pressure to the food that we pick up and an elongated spoon.

The most unconventional kitchen implement is the salt shaker as it looks like an egg attached to a spoon.

Simple in its design, Stoklund has found a way for us to get the most out of our food when we eat.

Watch a video which shows you how to use these cleverly designed utensils.

Flexible Fork

Shake That Booty

Lick It Clean

Pour Thing

Extend the Pleasure

Pass The Salt

[via Dezeen Magazine]