30 August 2013

The ‘Cuddle Mattress’ Lets You Hug Your Loved One Comfortably In Bed

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Many couples enjoy cuddling in bed but usually only do so for short periods of time because it can become very uncomfortable when their limbs start falling asleep.

To solve this problem, industrial designer Mehdi Mojtabavi has created the “Cuddle Mattress”, a simple but clever design that will allow people to hug their loved one comfortably in bed.

The upper and lower portions of the mattress have been sliced into a series of slats, between which sleepers can wedge their arms and feet to rest in more comfortable positions—the mattress also comes with its own stretchable, fitted sheets.

Despite having won a couple of prestigious design awards, the designer was unable to bring the Cuddle Mattress to production—his Indiegogo campaign also failed to meet its goal last year.

Mojtabavi is still looking for investors to fund the Cuddle Mattress—would you be interested to buy such a mattress?

[via NPR]