28 August 2013

Photo-Journalist Reveals His Record-Breaking Collection Of 4,425 Cameras

If you think that you are buying way too many cameras and are becoming a photography gear hoarder, you should feel better about yourself after seeing Mumbai-based photo-journalist Dilish Parekh’s camera collection.

Dilish is the holder of the Guinness Book World Record for the largest camera collection and owns an incredible 4,425 cameras in all—even more astoundingly, the previous record of 2,634 cameras was also his.

Having collected cameras for 25 years after inheriting 600 cameras from his father, many of the cameras in Dilish’s collection are cherished, hard-to-find antiques that he bought from flea markets and old studios—he has even put up advertisements in newspapers to find them.

According to reports, one of the most valuable pieces in his collection is a Leica 250 made in 1934 (pictured below)—as less than 1,000 of this were produced, this is indeed a rare find.

How many cameras do you have?

[via La Vida Leica, PetaPixel]