28 August 2013

How Many Cups Of Coffees Does It Take To Buy A Car?

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Are you one of those that need to buy a cup of coffee a day?

Apparently, when you do the math, you would find that you spend way too much on coffee, and all those fancy cups of Joe you’ve bought could have gotten you something more—like a car.

To physically show that a little saving everyday does add up, Canadian bank ING Direct teamed up with creative agency John St. to make a car out of thousands of coffee cups.

Part of the ‘you get what you save for’ campaign, the car was created at Churchill Subway Station in Edmonton

ING Direct also created a way for commuters to win $5,000—as a way to make up for what they’ve spent on coffee—by challenging them to guess the number of cups used to make the paper-cup car.

How many cups of coffee does it take to buy a car?

[via The Drum]