30 August 2013

Facebook Sells Its Own Nail Polish: ‘Social Butterfly Blue’

Love Facebook? You can now proclaim your undying love for it by wearing its signature blue on your fingertips.

For social media addicts, Facebook is officially selling a Facebook-blue nail polish called “Social Butterfly Blue”, as one of its branded products.

The lacquer priced at US$4.95 is only found at its campus store in Menlo Park, California, and has a packaging devoid of the social media giant’s “F” logo or name—it has an art deco-inspired look, with a small icon of a butterfly.

Although Facebook was introduced earlier this year, the nail polish was only recently highlighted in a picture post on Twitter by Huffington Post executive tech editor Bianca Bosker, that was spotted by Mashable.

Will Twitter, Google+ and other social networks soon jump on this fashionable bandwagon too?

(via Mashable)

(via Bianca Bosker)

[via Mashable]