28 August 2013

Amazing Realistic Paintings Of The Human Anatomy On Human Bodies

Claudia Diaz, lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne, decided to liven up her human anatomy class with an extremely hands-on activity.

Instead of the textbook-memorizing routine, she implemented a project where her students were made to paint the muscles, tendons, and bones on the bodies of 10 people.

The subject would sit still for about 18 hours while the students painted him in incredible realistic detail.

The first ‘anatomical man’, as Diaz calls it, was brought to one of her classes in 2010. The response elicited was fantastic.

“We walked him in and I still remember the looks on the kids’ faces. They were just in awe,” said Diaz.

The project brought together both the art and the science of the human body; it’s no wonder the students were left inspired and motivated.

[via Beautiful Decay]