28 August 2013

Why It is Important to be an All-Round Talent

It was something like praying making this art piece. Many ideas were coming up but finally I decided to pass with the swimming magical bird, a swan like option. I tested some exposures in light. I needed this with better contrast.

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Source, the creative recruitment specialists in London, looks at why it is important to be an all-rounder.

With agencies running lean in the current economic climate they are looking for talented individuals who have skills outside of the job description. Creative all rounders definitely have the edge on those stuck in a rigid definition of their role, which is why it is important to be an all-round talent.

The saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” is not always accurate and in a competitive job market being an creative all-round talent puts you at an advantage. While employers look for individuals who are excellent at their job, they also want talented all rounders. A quick online search for creative jobs results in numerous adverts asking for more than a rigid role: such as “Graphic Designer – Creative All Rounder”, “Digital Designer (Creative All Rounder) and simply “Creative All Rounder”.

So are all these agencies looking for someone to do five jobs for the salary of one? Candidates who can offer more than just a fit for one role are an attractive proposition to employers that are running much leaner during this recession. Increasingly there is a blurring of the boundaries between positions and flexibility is a much sought after attribute in an employee. However talented all rounders offer more than just the ability to multi-task.

Be a Team Player

Most of us work as part of a team or rely on a team to support our role. At times we need others to pick up the baton and ensure projects do not suffer because of illness etc. Therefore being prepared and able to temporarily step into another role is important for the smooth running of any agency. If you can do this then you will become an important asset to your company.

The Bigger Picture

Candidates who have good all round experience have a greater understanding of the challenges being managed at every level of a project. Team members with experience of other people’s roles appreciate the constraints and difficulties they face (deadlines, budgets, client relations etc.). Having an informed overview of the sector they work in gives an employee a sense of perspective in terms of their contribution to the team and company as a whole.

Career Opportunities

Being an all-round talent is not just beneficial to your employer. It can mean a much more exciting and varied career if you have the skills and flexibility to move between roles. Be open to opportunities that are not necessarily in your job description; it can take you on an adventure that could be a great deal more rewarding than remaining rigidly in your role.

As a recruitment agency we would recommend that you market all your relevant talents to a prospective employer. Demonstrate that you are brilliant at the job for which you are applying, but also that you can offer more than that.

So when applying for a new opportunity think about what talents you have that compliment the role. What can you do that this agency needs, over and above the job description? And if you are looking for new challenges in your current workplace, what skills do you have that are needed now? In short:

Promote your talents

Be open to new opportunities

Be flexible

Are you a creative all-round talent? Do you feel that your employer appreciates your skills?

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This piece is cross-posted from Source—a London based recruitment agency specializing in advertising and creative roles.