29 August 2013

Festival-Goers Let Gigantic ‘Big Bird’ Drop Colorful ‘Poo’ On Them

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According to a certain superstition, getting hit by bird dropping is supposed to bring good luck.

To bring a bit of—or a lot of—luck to the Secret Garden Party, an art and music festival in the UK, Barcelona-based creative studio Hungry Castle decided to create a gigantic version of Sesame Street’s famous Big Bird, who will drop colorful poo on the party-goers.

This fun installation was illustrated by Miguel Avecilla and constructed in resin-coated polystyrene by sculptor Aden Hynes—the 10-foot tall piece showered “luck” on the festival-goers as they ride down a hill on a slip-and-slide.

For 3 minutes and 28 seconds, the Big Bird “dropped a heap of goo made of 2,000 liters of water, 25kg organic guar gum, and 25kg of pink powder paint”—scroll down for more images of the event.

Who would have thought that having bird dropping dumped on you could be this fun?

[via Visual News]