30 August 2013

Haunting Photographs Taken In Fukushima’s Prohibited Areas

In the aftermath of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, looming health threats sparked paranoia in the minds of the people.

No one can be sure of the real risks caused directly by the radiation, although studies have shown an increased risk of some cancers.

French photographer Carlos Ayesta’s artistic vision encapsulates the struggles of a society living in a state of uncertainty and fear.

Ayesta traveled to the heart of the disaster to take pictures of the residents there. The barren landscapes and sterile props exude an eerie sense of foreboding.

His photographs depict people encased in acrylic bubbles and wearing gas masks, roads cordoned off by plastic wrap, cars wrapped in plastic, and a man taking a swim in contaminated waters.

View the full series here.

[via It’s Nice That, images via Carlos Ayesta]