29 August 2013

A Chess Set With London’s Iconic Landmarks For Pieces

Chris Posser decided to combine his love for architecture and chess by coming up with a chess set that uses London's landmarks as pieces.

Using Kickstarter to springboard his project, Posser’s chess pieces are scaled down models of these landmarks, with their sizes corresponding to their importance in gameplay.

Posser also justifies why he has chosen these landmarks to replace these pieces—for example, the 50 St Mary Axe replaces the Bishop as its structure is similar to that of the original chess piece.

This project does not stop after he’s finished making these sets—Posser wants to miniaturize New York, Paris and Rome in this game, too.

View how the chess set would look like below.

A London abode as a pawn

50 St Mary Axe as a Bishop

The London Eye replaces the Knight

Big Ben substitutes the Rooks

Renzo Piano's Shard of Glass is the new Queen

while the Canary Wharf becomes the King

[via Kickstarter]