29 August 2013

Website Generates Funny, Definitely Non-Mainstream Hipster Business Ideas

San Francisco resident Cass Chin has created a hilarious webpage named "Brooklyn Brooklyn Company Company" that generates outrageous hipster business ideas for Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs—we are guessing that Chin thought that Brooklyn, a hipster stronghold, is a great place to start such companies.

A witty parody of existing hipster businesses, these faux companies sell the kind of things that the regular mainstream-hating hipster will probably fork out money for—for instance, “artisanal, small batch moustache wax” and “farm-to-table urban futons”.

In particular, we are impressed by Chin’s grasp of hipster vocabulary, which he used to form ridiculous business tag-lines that does a great job of mocking the hipster lifestyle.

However, some of these ideas may just be crazy enough to work—such as the “Brooklyn Laser Disc Company”, because obsolete media is as non-mainstream as it can get.

Hopefully, the hipsters reading this are taking it light-heartedly—it is good to be able to laugh at ourselves.

[via Laughing Squid]