29 August 2013

Animatics Reveal Unused Fight Scenes From ‘The Avengers’

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Storyboard artist Federico D’Alessandro—who was working with Joss Whedon for ‘The Avengers’—has released a series of animatics for scenes that didn’t appear in the movie.

In the first video, it shows a different intro for Iron Man. Instead of showing him fixing the power line connecting to Stark Tower’s, it shows Tony Stark battling an unknown villain with attachable mechanical limbs.

In the second clip, it also shows Iron Man, this time pursuing and battling Loki after he escapes with the ‘Tesseract’ from S.H.I.E.L.D’s secret underground lab.

For the third animatic, it involves Tony Stark’s conversation with Loki in Stark Tower’s. It shows Stark pretending to be under Loki’s command. It also reveals a darker and possibly evil J.A.R.V.I.S—the AI in the Iron Man suit.

As for the last clip, it shows the final battle when the gateway to outer space is opened, unleashing Loki’s army onto earth. One thing to lookout for is the appearance of unused superhero Wasp at the 17-second mark.

What do you think of these unused animatics? Should they have appeared in the movie?

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First clip:

Second clip:

Third clip:

Last clip:

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