30 August 2013

Funny Images Of A Hamster Playing Dress-Up With Cardboard Cutout Costumes

Tumblr user MythsandFabrications’ daughter wanted to dress up her pet hamster—named David Bowie—in “dolly clothes”, but that could prove to be challenging with a squirming rodent that is not used to wearing clothes.

Instead of trying to get David Bowie into a miniature, hamster-sized dress, the creative father drew a series of costumes on a cardboard box and cut holes into where the heads are.

The hamster was then placed in the box, who would then stick its head out of the holes in curiosity—when he does, he looks as though he is “wearing” the silly costumes.

According to MythsandFabrications, no hamster was hurt in the making of these pictures and he stressed that if you want to do the same with your pet hamster, be sure to do so responsibly.

[via Myths & Fabrications]