30 August 2013

App That Turns Your iPhone Into A Coaster And Makes Your Drink Glow

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Cell phones are our saviors in awkward social situations. Besides just texting or checking Instagram, the latest apps seek to provide entertainment at parties or gatherings.

One of the new apps on the market is BLINKDRINK, sold on the slogan “The Best New Bar Trick”.

Here’s the concept: place your glass right upon your phone screen, select a color, then watch as the light source makes your glass blink and glow.

Designed to start a conversation, the light effects change according to the ambient sound or music playing at whichever bar you’re at.

Is using your phone as a coaster for a dripping glass a good idea? Nevertheless, the thrill of seeing a blinking glass might overshadow that thought once the booze kicks in.

Watch the video below to see the mini lightshow:

[via Co. Design, video via Vimeo]