28 August 2013

Fictional Story Told Via Social Media With Characters That Interact With Readers

Now that almost anything can be done via the internet, why not bring the age-old art of story-telling onto social media platforms?

Illustrator Steve Lowtwait and writer Michael Smith want to create a fictional story that is told through social media.

The story centers on Hawk Funn, who owns a camping gear company, camps out in the suburbs with his family because he has a phobia of the indoors and wants to improve the world—Hawk and his exploits are designed to make statements about the changing American Dream.

The creators of this “revolutionary social media story-telling” concept have set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for the characters in their story—readers and followers can interact with the characters and influence the plot on these platforms in real time.

The idea is now campaigning for funding on Kickstarter—backers would get to enjoy rewards like getting to vote for what happens next in the story and original production art.

What do you think about this form of fiction—is it going to be just a fad or an exciting new way to tell a story?

[via Mashable]