30 August 2013

A ‘Rent-A-Wife’ Service That Will Cost You US$40 Per Hour

Founded by Juliette Bresnahan, the “Rent-a-Wife” service has nothing to do with single men paying for bite-sized marriage—it allows busy people to outsource little but important chores that they have no time for to a hired “wife”.

From emergency errands like a last-minute trip to the dry-cleaners to home organisation projects like cleaning out your closet, you can engaged the Rent-a-Wife service to help you get your life in order.

Clients can choose from a trio of different packages when hiring a “wife”—for instance, “The Starter Wife” package comes with 5 hours of help a month at US$40/hour while “The Trophy Wife” one gives you 15 hours of help at US$30/hour.

Ironically, while the business is named Rent-a-Wife, most of its clients are actually busy women who found the service via word-of-mouth and networking.

Watch the video for an interview with Bresnahan and find out more about what the Rent-a-Wife service can do for you.

[via Fox Business]