28 August 2013

Pixelated Pokemon Illustrations Inserted Into Photographs Of Real Places

“Garden relaxation with Erika.”

To give us a better idea of the places that Pokémon would be found if they really existed, Norwegian graphic design student Sindre Johnsen has inserted illustrations of these lovable creatures into pictures of our world.

The result is a surprisingly beautiful mash-up of the digital world and reality, where the viewer can imagine relaxing with Snorlax on the beach or wandering through the “Safari Zone”.

Fun and creative, this project is both aesthetically pleasing and serves to fire up our imagination.

View the rest of the series below.

“Chillin’ on the beach with Snorlax.”

“Fossils in Grandfather Cannyon.”

“Poor Croconaw, doesn't stand a chance... ”

“Fiery Fields.”

“Life at the North Pole”

“Legendary Lake.”

“Toxic trespassers.”

“Parkinglot brawl underways.”

“Workout time!”

“Jungle lagoon with a certain pink visitor”

“Snapshot from the Safari Zone”

“A street brawl ready to erupt!”

“Silver taking on some Rocket Executives in an abandoned Warehouse.”

“Misty vs Claire!”

[via Pxlbyte]