28 August 2013

Amusing Photographs Of LEGO Minifigs Going About Their ‘Lives’

San Francisco-based 23-year-old freelance photographer Reggie Ballesteros has a personal project where he imagines the lives of LEGO minifigs and shoots them in amusing situations.

While he uses a mix of minifigs for this collection of images, he has a penchant for photographing Stormtrooper minifigs, who are usually doing things that you won’t expect a Stormtrooper to be doing, such as break-dancing and skate-boarding.

Most of these LEGO minifig portraits are accompanied by a witty caption—for instance, a picture of the Little Red Riding Hood minifig is paired with a caption that reads, “What big teeth you have”.

Head over to Ballesteros website to view more of his creative photography.

[via Photography Blogger]