30 August 2013

Adorable Portraits Of Manga Characters Illustrated On Toast

We have previously featured lots of latte art illustrations, but that fad may be waning as it’s now a lot cooler to make them on toast.

Hailing from Japan, Hittomii certainly makes breakfast seem a lot more fun with his “toast art”.

The artist started by drawing his works of art on cookies, before moving on to a larger canvas—toast.

Before decorating his food, Hittomii draws an outline on clear plastic and cuts out the areas he wants to color in.

The illustration is layered in with cocoa powder, although other colors, like green, can be achieved with green tea powder.

The artist doesn’t divulge how he is able to toast only the backgrounds of his illustrations, however, which makes this artistic feat even more intriguing.

Scroll down to view the rest of his works.

[via Kotaku]