27 August 2013

A Party Card Game That Makes Players Do 'Terrible Things'

Rob and Jasper, the founders of Terrible People LLC, have come up with a game which is like a more depraved version of “Charades” and “Trivial Pursuit”.

Called “Terrible Things”, this party game involves teams of at least two people that will compete in three categories—art, facts, or performance, which comes in pink, blue and yellow cards respectively.

If players are unable to complete a challenge, they will be forced to draw a card from the “Humiliation” deck, which makes them do a “terrible thing”, such as posing for a picture as the human centipede.

Those who complete a challenge successfully will be one step closer to accomplishing the game's objective—which is to reach “Hell”—although the makers did state that no one really wins as nearly every player is humiliated.

The game is currently sourcing for funding on Kickstarter—the creators of the project is promising backers unusual rewards, like their souls, for a donation of US$6,666.

Get a sneak peek of some of the cards from the game below.

[via Kickstarter, Terrible Things]