29 August 2013

Japanese Barista Brews Colorful Ideas In A Cup

The advent of latte art proves that there is joy derived in a pretty looking cup of joe.

Nowtoo Sugi was the first to introduce colored syrups in his art, adding the dimension of color to his illustrations.

Fellow Japanese barista Yuuichi Ito picked up the idea, creating an impressive variety of latte art based on characters from Disney, anime and manga.

There are more than 20 versions of Snoopy alone, with one of the beagle in 3D foam hovering above the cup.

Mr Ito is the owner, chef and barista at Belcorno, an Italian restaurant located in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture.

What other inventive ways can you think of to adorn a cup of coffee?

[via Rocket News 24]