27 April 2014

'Not A Bully', A Campaign That Speaks Up For Pit Bulls

New York-based photographer Douglas Sonders has launched a campaign titled ‘Not a Bully’, hoping to change the negative perception that people often have about rescue pit bulls.

In this campaign, he captures portraits of rescue pit bulls, hoping to change the way people see the breed.

With the support of the celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan and his pit bull Junior, Sonders wants to bring light to the upsetting fact that 22 percent of pit bulls in shelters are automatically euthanized.

They are neglected, mistreated and typecast as mean, aggressive or dangerous.

Through his stunning photographs, Sonders has captured the gentleness of pit bulls, and some of them have now been adopted by loving owners.

Find out more about the campaign here.

[via Dailymail]