26 April 2014

A Gorgeous House With An Elevated Glass Pool Projected Over Its Entrance

This gorgeous house in Marbella, Spain, takes the definition of ‘rooftop pool’ to a whole new level.

Named ‘Jellyfish house’ and designed by Dutch architects Wiel Arets Architects, its rooftop pool is elevated and projected out over the house’s front driveway with an underside of glass, allowing sunlight to project ripples onto the ground below.

One side of the pool also features a window that faces the interior of the house, allowing residents to look out at their friends and family taking a swim.

With the sunlight shining through the pool’s glass floor, ripples of ‘iridescent turquoise reflections’ are constantly reflected throughout the entire house.

From the pool, one can also see a view of the distant Mediterranean sea over neighbouring houses.

[via Dezeen, images via Jan Bitter]