30 April 2014

Wonderful 3D Illustrations Of Girls Wearing Dresses Made Of Real Flowers

Singapore-based Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei has created a lovely series of 3D watercolor illustrations titled “Flowergirls”, which features romantic images of ladies wearing dresses that are made of real flowers.

The founder of the “#instaartmovement” project on Instagram—where she makes creative artworks using small everyday objects—she would be expanding her popular Flowergirls series in 2014. Each piece in the collection consists of a watercolor image of a girl, around which Lim would make a freestyle arrangement of flower petals to create a beautiful dress.

You can contact Lim for a customized artwork via her blog, or pick up some photo prints of the Flowergirls series here.

Follow the artist, who is currently being represented by Art Xchange Gallery Singapore, on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her new creations.

Watch the video below to find out more about the Lix pen.

[via Lim Zhi Wei’s Instagram feed and Facebook page]