30 April 2014

Jerk Balloons: Nasty Messages In Lovely Type, Printed On Balloons

Balloons are generally happy things—they are given out as gifts, with heart-warming messages printed on them. Calgary, Canada-based graphic designer Shauna Luedtke has gone against convention by creating this funny collection of “Jerk Balloons”.

Designed as “balloons for jerks”, these tongue-in-cheek inflatables feature nasty messages—including “I hate you” and “You are a douchbag”—that have been written out in lovely typefaces made by designers Neil Summerour, Ale Paul, Stephen Rapp, and Mark Simonson.

A fun way to say something bad in a nice way, these balloons come in five different designs are sold in sets of 25—you can pick them up here.

Can you think of anyone who would deserve one of these Jerk Balloons?

[via Fubiz]