30 April 2014

The New York Times Tweaks Its Logo For Its New Video Hub

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The design and branding company Work Order has given The New York Times logo a small tweak for its new video hub.

This tweaked logo will appear on all 14 channels in the new hub, which includes categories like “News and Politics”, “Opinions”, and “Times Documentaries”.

The designers cleverly tweaked the logo to include a symbol that resembles the “play” button. Some lines have also been eliminated to make the logo neater.

“We felt strongly that the Times own a logo specifically for video that honored both the heritage of their T mark and new media. We also wanted a composer for the mnemonic that represented those dichotomies and so chose Nico Muhly,” the agency stated.

The animation is supposed to represent how old and new media complement each other, combining heritage with expediency, qualities that The New York Times is known for.

Brand New stated that they like the change, but the sound that accompanies the new logo “sounds too much like a Mac starting up.”

What do you think of this subtle change to The New York Times logo?

[via Brand New]