29 April 2014

Diver Photographs Herself Swimming With Sharks To Promote Conservation

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To promote the conservation of sharks, a woman named Lesley Rochat has taken gorgeous photographs of herself swimming with these potentially deadly creatures.

Dressed in a bikini, Rochat shows no fear of swimming with them, and can be seen in the company of Lemon Sharks, which are known for their powerful bites. Among these creatures are also Caribbean Sharks, which can grow up to 10 feet long.

Rochat even posed topless for her campaign poster—with the tagline “Get Hooked on Conservation, Ban Drumlines”—to stop the culling of sharks in Western Australia and South Africa.

A drumline is made up of a floating drum that has two lines attached to it—one line is tied to an anchor and rests on a seabed, while the other line functions as a hook to bait sharks.

The conservationist also founded AfriOceans, the organization behind this bold campaign.

Watch a video of Rochat swimming with the sharks, and have a look at more of these gorgeous photographs, below.

[via Daily Mail]