28 April 2014

Backpackers Hostel’s Edible Business Card Prevents Altitude Sickness

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We have previously featured numerous creative business card designs that would definitely make an impression—some of them are even edible, like these Meat Cards that are made of beef jerky.

To stand out from the intense competition, backpackers hostel Kokopelli recently introduced a creative edible name card to direct lodgers from their original property in Lima to their new branch in Cuzco, Peru.

As Cuzco is located at 11,152 feet above sea level, the hostel decided to turn their business card into an altitude sickness remedy. The idea is based on an ancient method where one would place a coca leave in his or her mouth, and chews it to relieve the symptoms of being on high ground.

To prevent the harmful effects of altitude sickness, travelers in Cuzco simply have to remove a leave-shaped cut-out on the Kokopelli business card and chew it—the contact details of the hostel are kept intact so guests would still be able to find their way to it, even after consuming part of the card.

Watch the video below to find out more about this edible business card.

[via Creative Review]