25 April 2014

Infographic: The Evolution Of The Selfie-Obsessed Generation

Selfies might be a relatively new phenomenon and their ubiquity is arguably attributed to the popularity of Instagram, but did you know that they actually have roots in Vincent Van Gogh’s famous self-portraits as well as Polaroid and disposable cameras?

To help you get up to speed, marketing automation software company Marketo has created an infographic that charts the evolution of how society came to be obsessed with selfies.

The infographic notes that selfies have been elevated to new levels of self-expression due to easy access to photo-taking devices, and the ability to share pictures on various social media platforms.

It also lists the different types of selfies such as the ‘sunset selfie’, the ‘duckface selfie’, and the ever-popular ‘foodie selfie.’

Click the snippet below to view the full infographic.

Click to view enlarged version

[via Trend Hunter, Socially Stacked and Marketo]