27 April 2014

Designers Create The ‘World’s First Multinational Typeface’

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Singapore-based designer LB Fabra and London-based creative Darren Leong have collaborated to create the “world’s first multinational typeface”.

Designed to reflect the multinational team at Grey Group Singapore, 106 geometric letters were created and they were based on different national flags.

The designers said, “When you set up a new hub to work with the rest of the world, it kind of makes sense to install a multinational team to do so. Not just a local setup running a global account, but a team that has got a clue about the world out there. We did just that. And we invented a design tool to brand this team, and to communicate our mindset and vision – the world’s first multinational typeface.”

What do you think of this new typeface?

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[via Bored Panda, LB Fabra and Darren Leong]