30 April 2014

Artist Creates A Human Temple With The Painted Bodies Of 17 People

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Just like Johannes Stötter, New York City-based artist Trina Merry uses the human body as her canvas. Her most recent work is a living, human temple which was created with the painted bodies of 17 people.

Using non-toxic water-based body paint, she turned the naked bodies of circus performers and dancers into an elegant red and gold structure.

“Bodypaint creates a special connection to a person that other visual art forms have trouble accomplishing; it’s a distinctly human experience,” Merry said on her website. “My surface is living, breathing human beings making this a highly relevant & immediate medium.”

The artist chose the structure of a temple to raise awareness for Beyond The Four Walls, an organization that seeks to empower women in Nepal.

To find out more about the project, please watch the video below or visit Merry’s website here.

[via Laughing Squid, images via Trina Merry]