24 April 2014

Artist Draws Naked Portraits Of Men Who Send Her Offensive Online Messages

Artist Anna Gensler has come up with a unique way of getting back at men who send her offensive messages online by drawing naked portraits of them.

Gensler joined the dating app Tinder six months ago and immediately began receiving crude pick-up lines from the men on there.

One message from a 19-year-old named Andrew read “Bet your tight” while another from a 20-year-old named Kenny read “If I was a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seeds.”

She posts her drawings on Instagram and sends the final images to the men.

Rendered as sad sacks, the portraits are based on their profile pictures and Gensler deliberately gave them tiny penises to prevent the men from thinking she finds them attractive, she said in an interview with Slate.

Gensler has received mixed responses from them; while some got angry and insulted her further, others were offended that they weren’t portrayed correctly.

Some men blocked her while a couple of others said funny, intelligent things after viewing the drawings, which contrasted with the juvenile messages they previously sent.

Curious to know if there were other creepy men out there, Gensler created an OKCupid account with a warning for would-be creeps that she would draw them naked and post the results online. Amusingly, she got a ton of messages from normal men who requested her to draw them naked.

Equal amounts funny and depressing, her project is a disquieting look at the murky world of online dating and the bizarre and unpleasant things people, in this case men, say in cyberspace behind the safety of their keyboards.

Check out some of her drawings below and view more at her Instagram account.

[via Slate, images via Anna Gensler]