24 April 2014

A Pizza Cake, And Other Wacky Inventions For The Extreme Pizza Lover

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Pizza Cake

Advertising agency TAXI Canada’s new campaign for British Columbia-based Boston Pizza is a game changer in pizza-eating.

The campaign is aptly named ‘Pizza Game Changers’, and it comprises of a list of new, wacky ideas for the pizza aficionado.

These items are up for online voting, where consumers can vote on bringing one of these items to market this summer.

The list includes products such as pizza-flavored mints, a gas-powered pizza cutter, a beard-shaped napkin for pizza eating convenience, and more.

This campaign also unveils new items from Boston Pizza’s menu, such as the pizza taco, pizzaburger sliders, and others.

View the spot below:

Pizza Beardkin

Pizza Protector

Pizza Car Freshener

Pizza Cheese Clippers

Pizza Taco

Pizzaburger Sliders

Pizza Pocket

Pizza Mints

Gas-Powered Pizza Cutter

[via Fast Company]